Advent of Cyber Certificate

In my previous university term i was fortunately able to enroll in IT-Sec-Lab course which was kind of a CTF. Although it was very intense and a lot of work, it was one of the few courses that i really enjoyed. The course made me realize that my previous security learning path (mainly Youtube, Udemy and Books) maybe is not the best way to go, because it is not as exciting and fun like CTFs or Boxes. And as we all know, with great enthusiasm and fun also comes a great learning curve. So this month I decided to purchase TryHackMe VIP to boost my hands on hacking skills. The reason why I prefere TryHackMe over HackTheBox is that the VIP subcription comes with an in-browser kali machine, which is great because you can hack boxes everywhere without worrying about your local setup. There are also special rooms, which can only be accessed with the paid subscription. After the first days i can highly recommend the TryHackMe VIP subscription (only 6.62€ per month!), especially for people who want to get started with IT Security. Currently there is a 25 Days hacking event that provides a basic skill set for hacking. The tasks are suitable for beginners and cover multiple topics e.g. Web Exploitation, Network Hacking, Reverse Engineering and even OSINT. I think the challenges are available until November 2021 so you should definitely check it out.















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